Dreaming the Land

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The Dreaming the Land team have each spent the greater part of their lives trying to find, re-engage with and piece together that dreaming in the form of myths, folktales, songs, traditions and beliefs. The team organise a range of walks, pilgrimages and retreats throughout the year in some of Britain's most extraordinary ancient, wild and sacred landscapes with the aim of rediscovering, exploring and sharing the 'Dreaming of Britain.'

The Aboriginal peoples of Central Australia say that, "White man got no dreaming." Perhaps that's not entirely true. Here in Britain at least, there is a memory of a 'dreaming', fragments at best, but still tangible.  Something of it remains in the landscape, if we can only listen for it.



Expect songs and stories sourced from the land, picnics in wild places, an exploration of ancient ancestral spaces, to make lasting friendships, to laugh until you ache and to depart with a nourished soul.

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Led by experienced walk leaders who are also storytellers, writers, singers, and retreat leaders steeped in the history, heritage and traditions of each locality, we create the space for friendships to kindle, for deep personal nourishment, and importantly encourage the re-kindling of creativity and connection. It's based on nurutre in nature, the conviviality of sharing good food, company, stories and songs and the wonder of our stunning landscapes and their deep historic and spiritual resonance.

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