Dreaming the Land
Dreaming the Land


Angharad has spent much of her life searching for her native spirituality, delving beneath layers of Christianity and following pathways back to the ancient myth and early poetry of Britain. She has spent the past fifteen years of her career mapping the sense of place of communities the length and breadth of Wales, uncovering their stories, histories, folk culture and the secrets of their landscapes. But, her strongest inspiration comes from journeys across Wales, listening with her feet, dreaming with the land, finding new and old ways of knowing. 

A published author and poet, she is a storyteller with a background in history and archaeology. In addition to organising and leading the 'In the Footsteps of the Ancestors' and co-creating the 'Dreaming the Land' retreats and DADENI with Eric, she also works with Cath on day-long story walks for all ages.



Eric was born in Australia and formally educated in England as a ‘social psychologist’. At 22 he set off on a two-year journey around the world to find himself… and God! The journey took longer than expected. Ten years - including time in California, among Mayan Indians, in Polynesia and with indigenous Australians. After returning to Britain he settled in Gwynedd where, over more than thirty years, he has created, with others, the Cae Mabon Eco-Retreat Centre, once described as a Welsh Shangri-La. It draws influences from his decade of travelling, especially his time with the Aboriginal people. They inspired his quest for ‘the white man’s dreaming’, which led to storytelling. Their emphasis on ‘land as sacred’ led to Cae Mabon becoming a holy grove, rich in the mythic tales of mighty Snowdonia. Eric co-facilitates the DADENI programme with Angharad.


Gwyn is a poet, storyteller and something of a local historian. He's been walking Wales all his life, collecting snippets of traditions and folklore along the way. Over the years he's become something of an expert on the Tylwyth Teg, (the 'Fair Folk') and secretly, we all think he is one, as he seems to get younger every year rather than older!

Gwyn works with Angharad and Eric on Dreaming the Land  journeys and teaches on the DADENI programme.



Cath Little is a storyteller and singer drawing inspiration from her Irish and English heritage and from her Welsh home land.

She tells tales and sings songs for the Turning Year in celebration of our Earth and its seasons. She has a rich sense of the magic of stories and of their ability to connect us to one another, leading us gently to a clearer sense of ourselves and our place in the world.

Cath co-creates story walks for grown ups and families with Angharad.


Cadi is Angharad's border Collie who is a central part of the walk and pilgrimage team with the important task of rounding up the herd, keeping us all together, clearing paths of any stick-like trip hazzards and protecting us all from sheep and cyclists. 

She loves children and grown ups alike, laps up cuddles from all and sundry and is our happy, paddy, waggy companion on many journeys.