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A Few Words at Samhain / Calan Gaeaf

As autumn turns to winter, I feel the tug of Calan Gaeaf, that fire festival, that spirit night known in the US and now by us here in the UK as Halloween and in the Scots and Irish nations as Samhain or Saween. Usually I write something about it as I consider what we might do as we gather in the Cae Mabon Roundhouse to celebrate it, but instead, this year, I was invited to record a podcast with the wonderful Dr Sharon Blackie, author of many books including 'If Women Rose Rooted'. Sharon is a mythologist and psychologist as well as a writer and we found much to discuss regarding the beliefs and traditions that surround this time of year, and why these old ways have value now. In doing so, we dipped into an exploration of the otherworld / Annwfn, the Tylwyth Teg / Sidhe /fairies, spirits of place, ancestor worship and the Cailleach,,,,,here's the recorded podcast. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed chatting. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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